Luker's 'Fino de Aroma' Cacao

Luker's 'Fino de Aroma' Cacao

Casa Luker is a Colombian family-owned company founded in 1906 in the coffee region area of Colombia, whose added value is the quality of their Cacao Fino de Aroma. Also committed to improving the quality of life of their employees and famers. Cacao is the name in Spanish for cocoa in English. 

The category Fino de aroma or fine flavour and aroma is given by the ICCO (International cocoa organization) which describes a cacao distinguished by its fruity flavours, nutty-malty tonnes and its strong floral-herbal aromas.

Only 8% of the world cacao is Fino de aroma, from that 76% is produced in Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Peru. We could then consider it rare variety for its uniqueness and flavour profile. 

There are three varieties of cocoa in the world: Criollo, Trinitario, Forastero. Cacao Fino de Aroma comes from criollo and trinitarian varieties, which are different, in aroma and flavour from common cocoas which derive from forastero varieties.

Trinitarian cocoas -highly sought after around the world- are Fino de Aroma, aromatic and mild in flavour. The trinitario variety is the result of cross between the criollo and forastero varieties and is produced mainly in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.

Forastero cocoa is the most common in the world; it is resistant to climate changes and has an acidic astringent flavour. It is the main variety grown in Africa. 

Through the Granja Luker, one of the few cocoa research centres, founded in 1962, they encourage the adoption of profitable cultivation models that have a great impact on the quality of life and income of producers. More than 700 people are educated annually. More than 30.000 farmers have passed through the Granja Luker during the first 50 years. They want to guarantee traceability, quality and steady volumes paying fair prices to farmers.

Have a look at their beautiful project with Colombian cacao 




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Riley Moye

I would like to thank you for the superb quality of your cacao nibs. I have tried many different brands but your brand is sterling stuff, so morish and addictive. Keep up the good work and top quality. :)

Lateefa Kawadri

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