The “WHY” of what we do

The “WHY” of what we do

I created the brand for one simple reason: I LOVE sweets!


I was raised in a family where, at the end of our meals, we had to get something sweet, it didn’t matter what. My grandmother would  fill up my bedside tables with chocolates, cookies, candies and sweet treats. My dad would take us to a famous ice cream shop in the city on Sundays and then we would go back home and watch a movie while eating a tub of dulce de leche(South American caramel spread) without drinking water!!.


Not only I ate sweets, I would make small batches of brownies with my mom and sell them in our residential area where we used to live. Whatever money made there was solely for sports purposes. I was a very active kid, glad there wasn’t much technology and social media back then. I think that’s how I managed to keep slim and fit despite eating chocolates and sweets.


There is always a reason why we all choose different life paths, at times it can be due to obligations and the sake of the traditional model of life, other times because of the desire and passion. I chose the second one. This is my passion and I enjoy doing this. I love working with chocolates & sweetsBeing creative, seeing peoples faces and reaction when they eat my products.


Since 2017 I created my personal brand and decided to just be me! Esti Garcia is on a mission to lead Sydney into a better world of sweets. I want combine the vibrant tropical Colombia with an innovative Australian feel. 


I find it important to support local businesses who have similar goals to mine. We like to use local & ethically sourced ingredients as much as possible, although it is hard not to use some imported products, mainly due to availability and quality.


Esti Garcia wants you to see the big picture. We make products with love, limiting  gelatine, buttercream and but instead natural looks, that resemble our Colombian roots with honest, real flavours acquired from quality producers and makers. Our cakes and chocolates have soul, explosive flavours and naturally looking finesse, meaning we are inspired by nature, by its raw elegance. Above anything else, packed with flavourSo you can eat with pleasure and enjoy quality.


The biggest drawback of modern patisserie is finding cakes too pretty to eat because they are aesthetic, clean and do not seem to break, but then tasting them and realising they were just pretty but not really flavourful. How do you hold a cake the size of an Egyptian pyramid? By putting a lot of buttercream or gelatine of course. The overuse of gelatine leads to chewy, hard texture and loss of flavour. Buttercreams and fondants is the classic way to cover cakes, most people put them on the side when they realise how much fat and sugar is in each of them.


Food brings people together and sweets will always make people smile, excite, and indulge. Anything in excess is bad, even the good things. I live for the feeling of enjoyment during and after eating a well-crafted sweet, and that’s why I do it. I’d like to think that by making cakes and chocolates I love, I’m showing everyone who tries them to love them the same way I do.   

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