Chocolate Making Workshops

The Perfect Idea: Hands on Chocolate Class.

A fun and indulgent experience every chocolate lover must have.


Our chocolate making workshops are an entertaining, creative and informative experience where you get to make your very own chocolate bon bons. You will be surrounded by a group of chocoholics sharing a passion for this delicious craft.

What you'll learn:

  • Introduction to chocolate and tempering techniques.
  • The difference between moulded bon bons, truffles, and enrobed chocolates
  • How to properly use cocoa butter: Melting/Tempering/Painting/as well as getting moulds clean and polished
  • How to temper and create chocolate shells for the bon bons
  • How to decorate the bon bons with chocolate decorations
  • How to make the Ganache filling

What you'll get:

  • Expert knowledge and insights from Esti Garcia himself
  • Tempering techniques that are easy to do at home
  • The differences between real quality chocolate and industrial made, its origins and qualities
  • Tips and tricks for ganache and flavour combinations with chocolate
  • Chocolate tasting and bon bons to take home

What to bring

  • Your love for good quality chocolates
  • We recommend you wear some comfortable closed-toe shoes as you will be standing for most of the time

Do not miss your chance to learn from the best.